AAA Shea Butter Marula Oil – Review


This might be from a shea butter specialist, but this marula oil represents great value especially from the larger bottle.

In a rather curious turn of events, AAA Shea Butter, obviously named with primary marketing interests in other areas of the skincare market, have delivered a strong selling and consumer acclaimed marula oil. Available in 30ml and 100ml quantities, this wild harvested marula oil delivers very promising value for money when compared against luxury suppliers that are all about packaing and profit margins rather than good quality oil sold at an honest price.

Marula oil has risen from being locally known commodity of communities in the southern regions of the African continent, to being on the verge of becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Everywhere, we are now starting to read about how marula oil can take years off the age of your skin, and moisturise like virtually nothing else on earth. As such, beauty companies of all shapes and sizes are embracing its properties, incorporating it into in skin and hair care products and it has to be said anything with marula oil in it, in whatever quantity, is certainly on trend at the moment. However, it is refreshing to see smaller outlets such as AAA Shea Butter give us the oil in its purest form so that we don’t need to shop around for a particular blend of ingredients – here marula oil can simply be used around your existing skin care regimen maximising its benefits.

So let’s have a look at what a few drops of AAA Shea Butter marula oil can do for you. First of all, marula oil is known to be the moisturiser par excellence. Its high omega composition means that it is very easily absorbed by the skin and as such is perfect for moisturising skin that is dry and losing its healthy texture.  Better still, the palmitic acid in marula oil acts as a very effective agent for locking in the moisture, which makes it a popular choice for rejuvenating both skin and hair.

Marula oil is known as a very effective anti-aging remedy, being high in antioxidants that can get tired and worn out skin cells back in the running again, giving new elasticity and lease of life. Fancy a few compliments? Can’t do much better than get hold of this oil and wait for them to come in! (And yes, it is more potent than coconut and argan oil.)

And this is by no means the limit of what is possible with the oil – it is a fine all rounder when it comes to treating all sorts of skin complaints. Sore or itchy patches can be soothed with a quick dab of marula oil, and persistent skin complaints can see positive improvements with continual application. Even damage to the skin from cuts or stretch marks can be smoothed quicker using marula oil. So it’s no wonder that the big cosmetics companies are doing whatever they can to get marula oil in their products and advertising.

AAA Shea Butter marula oil is available in 30ml and 100ml bottles, and especially the larger bottle should prove great value for money with a lot of potential usage.