Green Keratin Refined Marula Oil 50ml – Reviewed


A potent and attractive marula oil bottling, which should see great benefits to your skin!

Green Keratin are an exciting producer of British skin care products, researching and developing new products in small batches to cater for those in search of natural green cosmetics for their skin. Keeping clear of artificial enhancements and maintaining a cruelty free approach to product testing, they uphold sound ethical principles and were recently officially certified organic. This certification also points to ethical sourcing of ingredients, in this case marula oil from South Africa, being fairly traded with ecologically and socially strong practices.

Marula oil is a fast growing phenomenon in the beauty world, having been long heralded by communities in the southern parts of Africa for its unsurpassed skin care qualities. Trade and export of marula oil out of Africa is on the rise as it has been hitting the headlines on a frequent basis, with very positive reports focusing mainly on its moisturising capabilities, but also demonstrating effectiveness with anti-ageing and combating persistent skin complaints. Marula oil has started to take off rapidly in the States, and it is now about to hit Europe in a big way – however if you act fast you can still get ahead of the curve and get hold of the oil now whilst it is still reasonably priced.

The reason why marula oil is so effective lies in its remarkable composition of ingredients, ranging from omega oils that are quickly absorbed by the skin, to abundant minerals to vitamins C and E and antioxidants. In fact, marula oil contains four times as much vitamin C pound for pound as you get in an orange, and a higher concentration of antioxidants than in argan oil. Yes, you can now already forget about argan oil since marula oil is he

re! And it isn’t like a lot of oils and remedies out there that have a greasy nature to them, or endanger your skin in the long run by clogging pores – marula oil is remarkably fine due to being mainly composed of omega oils and naturally absorbed easily in order to get your skin looking youthful and healthy again.

Marula oil is more than just another moisturiser however, as its antioxidant properties are just as much in its favour. Skin cells that have been sun damaged, dried out by the elements or that just need a burst of new life can be renourished and jump started back into life by the powerful miraculous properties of marula oil. And that’s not all it can do – the palmitic acid in marula oil provides a finishing touch to the process, protecting the skin and sealing in the treatment so that your skin receives maximum benefits through and through.

Just a few drops at any time of day or night can help rejuvenate and revitalise your skin. This bottling of Green Keratin marula oil, coming in at a mere tenner at present, is the perfect healing remedy for your skin at amazing value. If you need convincing about the remarkable effects of using marula oil, then this is an ideal opportunity. Please do try it and see for yourself.