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Heroscape New

NEW NISB Heroscape Collection Wave D1/11, D2/12, D3/13 D&D Dungeons And Dragons


Heroscape Rise of the Valkyrie New Milton Bradley Hasbro 2004


Heroscape Wave 13/D3 BRAND NEW, UNOPENED, MINT


NEW Heroscape EXPANSION SET "Warriors of Eberron: GOLEM & THE WYRMLINGS" D&D D2


NEW- HEROES OF FALLCREST (Moltenclaw's Invasion) Heroscape EXPANSION SET D


Heroscape CUSTOM Agent Skahen Alternate Sculpt Gen Con


Elite Onyx Vipers (3 Figures) - Heroscape Miniatures New Heroscape


Heroscape Heroes of Bleakwoode Wave 1 Malliddon's Prophecy LOWEST $$ ON EBA


Heroscape Custom Kur'Hatar Double Sided Card & Figure w/ Sleeve Valkrill


Heroscape Expansion Set Valkrill’s Gambit Warriors of Feldspar, New in Box!


Heroscape Expansion Set - ROAD TO THE FORGOTTEN FOREST (2005)...NMIB!!


Heroscape Custom Superman Dbl Sided Card & Figure w/ Sleeve DC Justice League


Glacier Terrain (3 Hex) w/ Base - Heroscape New Heroscape


Heroscape Expansion Set lot- New In Box!!


NEW Heroscape EXPANSION SET "Warriors of Eberron: OGRE & THE GOBLINS" D&D D12 D2


Heroscape Custom Severus Scourge Double Sided Card & Figure w/ Sleeve Valkrill


Heroscape Spearmen & Riflemen (Collection 7 Fields of Valor) NIB


Heroscape Zanafor’s Discovery from Wave 4 - Heroes Of Trollsford - NIB


Heroscape Wave 3 Jandar's Oath - Complete Set 4 Mint in Package Expansions-RARE!


Heroscape - Ornak Utgar's Flag Bearer - Complete set - NEW IN BOX NEVER OPENED


Heroscape Custom Logan Wolverine X-Men Double Sided Card & Figure w Slv Marvel


Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider - Heroscape - PROMO - NO CARD - New and Sealed!


Heroscape Custom Green Lantern Hal Jordan Dbl Sided Card & Figure w/ Sleeve DC


HEROSCAPE Crest of the Valkyrie HATAMOTO TARO Einar Flag Bearer Card/Fig only


Huge Heroscape Lot,with Parts both New and Used


NEW- 4 Special Collection Wave 10 Heroscape EXPANSION SETS -Valkrill's Gambit +


Heroscape Wave 11 Heroes of Faerun, Glaun Bog Raiders Warriors of Ghostlight etc


Heroscape SAM BROWN Alternate Sculpt A Forever Valiant CUSTOM Repaint 4th. Mass.


Heroscape Custom Two-Face Dbl Sided Card & Fig DC Batman Injustice League


Heroscape Custom Gambit Dbl Sided Card & Figure w/ Sleeve Marvel X-Men


HeroScape Expansion Set VOLCARREN WASTELAND Lava Terrain Pack New NIB


Heroscape Marro Calvary Wave 8 Defenders Of Kinsland - Free Shipping!


Heroscape Custom Corrupting Revenant Dbl Sided Card & Figure w/ Sleeve Valkrill


Heroscape Custom Catman Double Sided Card & Figure DC Batman Secret Six


Heroscape Champions of Renown NIB from Wave 10 Valkrill's Gambit


Heroscape Terrain Lot - 303 Hexes - Grass Rock Sand Water - Expanded Battlefield


Heroscape Wave 5 Thora's Vengeance - All 4 Unique Sets...Mint in Package!!!


Heroscape Dividers and Defenders NIB from Wave 9 Blackmoon's Siege


Heroscape Ogre and the Goblins NIB from Wave 12/D2 Warriors of Eberron


Heroscape: Isamu; Utgar’s Ninja • LOWEST$$


Heroscape Marro Cavalry NIB from Wave 8 Defenders of Kinsland