Motions Marula Natural Therapy Hair & Scalp Oil Review


Proving that marula oil is not just a skincare product, this is a superb tonic to revitalise damaged hair!

Marula oil has caused great waves of sensation in the skin care world, but like other miracle oils, it has many useful applications right across the spectrum, not just on the skin. Other than providing a top class moisturising and anti-aging skin care solution, marula oil can be found useful for cooking, preserving meat and treating leather. Whilst these alternative uses haven’t yet caught on in most parts of the world, one use that is now vying for attention is marula oil as a hair care product.

It stands to reason, since hair and skin are inextricably linked, that marula oil’s moisturising and reviving properties would transfer well from skin to hair, and as such many hairdressers are recommending using a few drops of pure marula oil brushed through your locks and left overnight. The end result is nourished shiny hair and many envious friends. And as marula oil is starting to appear as an active ingredient in skin care products, so it now crops up in hair care products, with this particular product Motions Marula Natural Therapy Hair & Scalp Oil, being a current popular option.


So why do you need this bottle in your arsenal? Well, marula oil has gained its reputation somewhat deservedly – its powers of moisturisation are well renowned, as the fine omega oils penetrate skin and hair giving it a youthful zest that everybody wants. Marula oil works on all types of hair, and if you are struggling with hair that is suffering from damage through overstyling, or environment, or is just plain frizzy, you can run the oil through and have your locks nice and shiny in a flash. Dry scalp is also remedied as marula oil penetrates the skin and locks in moisture so that your hair is healthy right down to its roots. To cap it all off, this really is as simple a product as you are going to get to use – simply mist it into your hair and massage it in with your fingers, paying attention to the scalp. Hey presto – salon shiny hair the easy way.

However that isn’t all, whilst the pure marula oil in the product is our chief focus, Motions have cooked up an intriguing combination of ingredients to give your hair extra flair and pleasant conditioning. With plant extracts such as camomile, rosemary, and lavender, amongst many others, plus a delicious drop of honey, this is a very attractive product in adding a bit of extra natural glamour to the marula’s hard work.

And people are raving about it:

So for stronger shinier hair, marula oil products are definitely the way to go. This isn’t just due to the hair and scalp picking up extra moisture, but also the benefits of being enriched with antioxidants and minerals that give every strand of your hair an attractive shine and resistance against the elements. Motions Marula Natural Therapy Hair & Scalp Oil is a great product at sells a stunning price for a whole 8 fl oz (over 230ml) giving you hair you will truly be proud of. Indulge yourself and get it today.