African Botanics Pure Marula Oil Review

Rating: 5


A first class product from one of the leading marula oil providers – you won’t be disappointed!

African Botanics are a Los Angeles based cosmetics company with marula oil as the key constituent ingredient across their whole range. They are gaining presence in Europe, and if you are searching for quality marula oil providers, you are certainly bound to come across them. With various face treatments and body scrubs on offer containing marula oil, you will expect African Botanics to deliver a decent offering when it comes to their pure marula oil bottling, and indeed this appears to be the case. Indeed, consumers have found just a couple of drops a day enough to make a substantial difference to their skin condition.

Whilst there are quite a few marula oil suppliers out there these days, African Botanics package their bottlings towards the luxury market with a very elegant presentation and aesthetics. Marula oil is very much an investment when it comes to your personal skin care, and whilst some might balk that is can generally cost more than coconut oil and argan oil, it is, no disrespect to recent miracle oil trends, in a different league to these less effective products. Marula oil has more antioxidants than argan oil, and its potency goes far beyond coconut oil’s extensive claims. In addition you have essential omega oils, vitamins and minerals which lead to highly effective skin hydration and revitalised skin cells. One of the glorious benefits of marula oil is its diversity of application, whether it be for sun damaged skin, persistent skin complaints,  or simply the effects of aging it will play a part in regenerating and moisturising your skin at the deepest levels.


African Botanics marula oil is sourced from South Africa, which is a key region for the harvesting and production of the oil. The natural healing benefits of the marula tree have been known in these regions for several generations – the fruit is four times richer in Vitamin C than your typical orange, and extract of the bark is found useful as a medicine. However it is undoubtedly the skin care component of this oil that is most renowned, being considered extraordinarily effective on remedying dry sun damaged skin and hair, and cosmetically smoothing out skin blemishes and stretch marks. Even if you haven’t got on with oils in the past, finding them greasy or worse still exacerbating problems rather than solving them, you may find marula oil to be different. As it is so fine, it is very quickly absorbed by the skin, its odour dissipates very quickly, and will not clog pores.

Marula oil’s proven skin care record is well and good to read about, but how does the trade of this natural wild harvested product impact on its place of origin? African Botanics are keen to address this point, sourcing their marula oil from South Africa using accredited fair trade channels. This means that every bottle of marula oil sold contributes to the livelihood of families in rural southern African regions and aids programs to ensure the environment and ecology is sustained whilst the worldwide demand for marula oil is on the increase.