Cebra Ethical Skincare – Natural Marula Oil Review

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On 25th May 2015
Last modified:16th June 2015


A splendid sourced pure marula oil to give your skin plenty of love and attention 🙂


Cebra Ethical Skincare are a UK based company with a strong focus on ethical trade and natural products, and their entire product range is certified vegan. Amongst their comprehensive product range, you will find bottlings of unrefined marula oil, not least one of the most highly rated sources of marula oil available in UK and Europe, and it may be set to lead the charge when the marula oil trends hits this part of the globe. So the question is what is it really like?

Always true to their word, Cebra have sourced this marula oil via fairtrade channels from Swaziland. There, villagers have been introduced to new opportunities from harvesting the marula tree, to provide a more steady income for them and their families. A video showing the manual extraction and factory pressing methods can be seen here (this is not a promotion for Cebra as such, but demonstrates the point):

This marula oil from Cebra is the completely pure product, harvested in the wild and unrefined, so you can benefit with the unadulterated properties of marula oil incorporating it into your daily skincare. The oil only needs to be used in increments of around 5 drops, delivered by the dropper, so expect it to last a long time. Incidentally, the oil itself has a high shelf life, and its presentation here in a brown bottle will help stave off the effects of degradation from sunlight. No preservatives have been added, and no fancy smelling additives, everything is kept as natural as possible – in fact it abides fully by organic standards.

The benefits of marula oil are already well known and can be read in more detail in other areas of this site. The first well known effect is that of moisturising the skin very effectively. Marula oil is particularly rich in oleic acid (one of the famous omega oils) and its fine chemical composition makes it very easily absorbable by the skin at greater depths than other natural oils. As such, it makes a nice deluxe oil for massage, just a much as a protector from dry, cracked or reddened skin. Cebra actually market this oil at the baby market as well as adults for this reason.


One of the other crucial properties of marula oil is its remarkable anti ageing qualities. This is due to the antioxidants in the oil stopping the damaging effects of free radicals, which could otherwise lead to the degradation of skin cells. As such, a regular application of marula oil will smooth out lines and give your skin healthier qualities and an overall brighter confident disposition.

So this bottling from Cebra will certainly do you a lot of good if your skin needs some well earned love and attention. Customer reviews of this product have been highly positive, rating it higher than argan oil for its potency and for many it has been a true revelation and they will never go back to their former skincare products. Also the cost of Cebra’s marula oil has received a communal thumbs up, with customers pleased to have the oil in a pure state without paying more for it mixed within a cocktail of other chemicals.

This pure marula oil from Cebra Ethical Skincare is available here in either 50ml or 100ml bottlings – definitely worth a look in and give your skin the pep up it deserves!

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