Fushi Organic Marula Oil – Review

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On 28th May 2015
Last modified:16th June 2015


This organic oil has proved quite popular on our page - you only have to see the results for yourself!

Just one look at their range and you can immediately tell that Fushi are a company that takes great pride in their ethics, indeed they proudly hold an Ethical Award for their work in sustainable fair trade items whose production does not cause environmental damage, employ underage workers or involve any sort of animal testing. Fushi’s marula oil is available in 50ml bottles, cold pressed and unrefined, and it probably comes as no surprise to you that it is totally vegan friendly and has been certified organic by the UK Social Association.


Fushi clearly take their ethical position very seriously, but this is by no means their single selling point. Everything from the purity of the oil to the attractive design of the bottle gives off a strong sense of quality and good value for money from the point of view of the consumer. With marula oil about to take off in popularity internationally, and with many companies wanting to take part in the action, Fushi understand the need for a quality product. They point out in their own advertising literature that marula oil is known as the “miracle oil” in some parts of Africa, and we can feel privileged that this oil is more readily available than ever so that the miracle can be shared all around the world. This bottling of marula oil originates from Kenya, where the oil has been extracted from the seeds of the marula fruit, harvested sustainably so that the local businesses can thrive on its production.

So what is the “miracle” exactly then? Well, the oil has remarkable properties when it comes to its interaction with the human skin. Just a drop of the very fine oil can deeply nourish the skin with vitamins and omega oils, with amazing moisturising capabilities. If you thought argan oil was all the rage, wait until you try marula oil, which boasts a higher concentration of antioxidants than argan oil – this of course means it is better equipped for battling free radicals and keeping your skin cells rejuvenated and healthy. Beauty experts and columnists are raving about its effect on smoothing out lines and eradicating dry patches, and since it is such a light and effective oil with no greasy residue, you will start to see it appearing in all the beauty products year after year. This is why it is such a good opportunity to get hold of some of the oil now in its purest form, so you can use it night and day on your skin, before less effective marula oil based concoctions start to appear on the market at inflated prices.

Users of this marula oil have been commenting in reviews on how smooth it makes their skin feel, and are starting to rack up the compliments on their youthful complexion. This is no surprise – we are dealing with a powerful anti-aging oil here, in its purest and optimal form. If you want a great value marula oil, and to do your bit for ethical trading and environmental awareness, then proceed with buying this oil as your skin will be eternally thankful!

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