Slice Of Nature Pure Marula Oil – Review

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On 31st May 2015
Last modified:16th June 2015


Explore the versatility and nourishing effects of marula by getting hold of this bottling today!

Slice of Nature offer a pleasing range of natural skin care products, for all skin types and ages. Most notably for us, their 100% Pure Marula Oil promises no less than 100ml (3.5 fl oz) of oil for a very reasonable price when compared pound for pound with similar smaller bottlings. In such a generous quantity, you should be able to get plenty of usage for your skin and also, as their advertising is keen to point out, your hair as well!

We have heard a lot about marula oil in the press over recent months, with it being heralded as a wonder oil for moisturising and repairing skin. This is not based on anecdotal evidence from faceless scientific papers, but rather from having been heralded for generations in Southern African countries as a sensationally fine oil that is harvested year in year out for its remarkable properties. Not only that, but for those harvesting the fruit whose seeds make the oil, it has provided a good opportunity to create fairtrade links with Western suppliers, promising fair wages and plans to maintain the sustainability of marula harvesting to keep up with demand. And this exactly what Slice of Nature have done, forging close partnerships with communities in Southern and East Africa.


Slice of Nature promise that their products are untampered with any additives, aromas or colour enhancement – the whole product is completely natural from the seeds of the wild harvested marula fruit. After all, there’s not really much you can do to improve a miracle oil, is there!? Wild harvesting of course means that there is nothing GM about this – it’s all coming from the goodness of mother nature herself! The oil is cold pressed, retaining all the wonderful goodness from the omega oils and antioxidants which constitute the miracle working properties of the marula oil. As the 100ml bottlings are relatively large for long-term use, the bottle material itself has been coloured to block out light as a natural way of preserving the quality of the oil.

So you have a generous bottling of Slice of Nature marula oil in your hands – what can you actually do with it?  Well the most popular use of marula oil is for facial skincare – in terms of keeping your skin moisturised, healthy looking and dealing with any troublesome areas it is unrivalled. However if you want to smooth out lines or deal with the effects of aging and dry rough areas anywhere on your skin, not just your face, this is still going to be your number one oil. Marula oil, having a base of omega oil, is very fine and easily absorbed by the skin to deep levels – this means thorough long term nourishment and no concerns of greasiness. It shows extra versatility when a few drops are applied to the hair – leave in overnight and wake up to stronger healthier locks!

Slice of Nature have a great product here that should definitely be in your cabinet and regularly used to get your skin wonderfully healthy. Have a look here for more opinions and try it out for yourself.

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